Welsh National Opera
Welsh National Opera

Continuous classical programming
12am - 7am

Haydn: Symphony No. 25 In C
Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra

Tuesday, April 22


Tuesday, April 22


Wednesday, April 23

A Coffin in Egypt


Updated: 1/14/2013 10:32


This is Roy (A1361852, 2 years old, 58 compact pounds) cage? Always at the front, sitting, perpetually smiling, tongue out and tail wagging, Roy is inviting someone, anyone, to take a look, take him out for a meet and greet. Kind, considerate, tolerant, eager to please. He's so handsome with his shiny black coat and white shirt, as if dressed in formal attire, ready for opening night. Roy's impeccable manners match his fastidious appearance. He's sweet and gentle but with enough pizazz and spunk to keep it interesting. Roy is perfectly behaved with his kennel mates, polite when dining together in a small space, a very telling feature of his character.

Tiny and quirky with a bent tail, Checkers looooves people. She is constantly underfoot looking for attention. She likes being held, enjoys rolling around on your lap, and really anything that involves getting affection!